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Saliva Collection Device
Saliva Collector (Saliva Collector)

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Saliva Collection Device
Saliva collection device is also called saliva collector (saliva collector, saliva collection tube, oral sampling tube). Saliva is the most convenient method for gene detection, followed by blood. At present, the most popular method is to collect saliva samples for detection. Compared with blood collection, saliva collection is more convenient and free, and users'acceptance is higher.
Collection tube volume:5ml
Structure:The utility model is composed of a collecting funnel, a funnel cover, a collecting pipe and a collecting pipe cap. Cell Preservation Solution with Plastic Sealing Membrane in Funnel Cover
MHM-A usage method:
Before 30 minutes of sampling, rinse with water and fast after rinsing.
Step 1: Install the collecting funnel on the collecting pipe and spit saliva out of the collecting funnel until the saliva reaches the filling line of the collecting pipe.
Step 2: Hold the collecting tube vertically with one finger, close the funnel cover with one hand, and the cell preservation solution in the cover will be released automatically into the collecting tube and mixed with saliva.
Step 3: Hold the collecting pipe vertically and rotate gently, separating it from the collecting funnel.
Step 4: After screwing the cap of the collecting tube, shake it gently for 5 seconds, then it can be used for detection or storage at room temperature.
【Product characteristics】
Simple: The acquisition process is simple, fast and easy to operate.
Flexibility: It can be easily collected in laboratories, outpatient clinics and even at home.
Convenience: The collected saliva is stable, stored at room temperature and easy to transport.
Wide range: especially suitable for children and patients who do not meet the requirements of blood sample collection;
Safety: Non-invasive collection of samples to reduce the chance of infection;
Efficient: Sample processing is convenient for automatic purification, and more and better DNA can be obtained.
【Matters needing attention】:
1.This product is a disposable product, please do not use it many times.
2.Please use it under the guidance of medical staff.
3.Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place