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Talent Concept

1, the norm of shareholders: the entrepreneurial spirit to work!
2, the norm cadres: high sense of responsibility, a strong entrepreneurial spirit!
3, faithful customers, sincere service, is responsible in the end.
4, Atsushi in common cause, perseverance, perseverance.
5, communication and honest, and to go straight. We oppose and resist any act of slander and mutual strife.
6, loyal to the company's employees are valuable employees, care for employees leadership is valuable leadership.
7, we abide by business ethics, contempt Yingyinggougou, the only way to concentrate on doing a good job for our customers.

8, with the strength to speak, to speak with the performance. Not just a name and realism, not only the school but the only use.
9, we believe that the cause of the team Trueland wisdom, achievement Trueland must play a synergistic effect.
10, our happiness that sharing with customers to share the results with the team succeed, to achieve customer, team,
Jointly enhance their value.

11, we believe that as long as the intentions and efforts, nothing is impossible.

12, engaged in the cause responsible partner is responsible for the staff responsible, but that is socially responsible, responsible to history. Responsibility will always be with Trueland human growth, and a sense of responsibility that we will achieve our vision and goal to pursue and achieve social, customers, employees win-win forever treasure placed there together responsible business is a real career responsible business is great business sense is not a mask, not a gesture, but a person's quality of Trueland , Trueland fundamental cause.