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Medico products: How much is the aseptic swab
Date:2020-04-23    Source:

Disposable nylon flocked swab has a nylon fiber structure perpendicular to the head that the ACTS like a soft brush, It can improve the collection effect of cell samples, it is not only harmless to microorganisms, but also increase the collection and release of samples.

The advantage of Medico's flocking swabs over traditional swabs is that they do not absorb each other to disperse and trap samples, and the rapid collection allows the entire sample to adhere to the villi surface and be completely eluted.

Medico's disposable nylon flocked  swabs are versatile and ideal for sample processing, gene sampling, cell culture, dfa testing, rapid and direct testing, enzyme-immunoassay testing, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and molecule-based diagnostic testing, and forensic identification. Also can be used for hand, foot, mouth and other respiratory tract throat sampling.

A large number of clinical experiments show that compared with ordinary sterile cotton swab, the flocking swab of Medico is an ideal method to collect a large number of cells, not only can quickly clear, these cells can also immediately released into the medium, have better effect on clinical microbiological specimen collection and transport. Especially for those who can't timely inspection, placement time is too long for the samples.