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FDA: approves cotton applicator for Nasal swab testing , subjects may collect samples by themselves.
Date:2020-04-23    Source:

A number of factors limit the detection efficiency of covid-19, one of which is a shortage of swabs in the United States. In response, the FDA approved a less costly polyester swab for the covid-19 test  on April 16.

Currently, American cotton, a large us cotton swab manufacturer, has developed a fully compatible polyester swab for the covid-19 test, which the company plans to mass-produce.

Why  the commo cotton swabs can not detect COVID-19? It turns out that we need to use PCR to grow the virus in a large number of samples for testing, and the swab material will affect the culture process.

The cotton on the swab is a plant product that contains its own DNA and can interfere with test results. The "swabs"  that currently approved for use on swabs are made of nylon or foamed plastic, and the expansion to polyester, which will help reduce production costs and alleviate shortages. The collection process is so unpleasant that the patient is often irritated and sneezes several times that the tester must wear protective equipment to complete the procedure. Under the new rules, patients could simply put a swab in their nose and wrap it around for a few times to collect samples.